Shameful charitable giving

When Mitt Romney was running against Obama in the 2012 Election, disclosed {} that, when it came to charitable giving, the Romney’s gave 16% of their income, compared to the Obama’s {giving}, coming in at less than 1%. [Less than 1%. Shameful].

However, as pathetic a chasm, as separates these two percentages, it’s important to consider that, the Romney’s 16% was an altruistic figure, when juxtaposed to the Obama’s ‘giving’.

In other words, the Romney’s gave out of their self-earned income, while paying for {their} everyday expenses, like the average American.

But unlike the Romney’s, 99.9% of the Obama’s expenses, were absorbed by the taxpayer {e.g. transportation, housing, food, clothing, vacations, etc.}.

So as embarrassing and shameful as it may seem that, the Obama’s gave less than 1%, when compared to the Romney’s 16%, in charitable giving, the percentages are far greater apart, than these simple stats indicate.


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