USS Harry Truman in front line of Obama sequester cuts

What does it say about a U.S. President that will actually leverage, the safety of the American people, all in a very immature & childish-effort, to try and manipulate, as much political power as possible?

And, in a very public manner for all of America’s enemies to witness, docking by fiat, one of the most strategic of defense military assets worldwide, a U.S. Navy {Nuclear} Aircraft Carrier.

There are countless billions {& perhaps trillions} of wasted tax-dollars that, our government could cut or eliminate altogether, without jeoprodizing one-iota, of the well-being and/or safety, of the American people.

[But sadly, while the USS Harry S. Truman sits idly-by, docked via Obama’s dictate, unable to defend the American people, Planned Parenthood & other tax-payer-funded, organizations like it, ramp up 2013 operations, to radically & heartlessly, exterminate more unborn babies than last year.]

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